About Us

Welcome to our blog and welcome to the journey that we are on as well.

Time To Travel To MoroccoWe are a blog based in Morocco that seeks to bring more information about this beautiful country and the traditions that are held dear here to the hearts and minds of people across the world. We hope that you will enjoy our posts and that you will learn a little bit about our country every time that you post.

We are mostly focused on the culture and traditions of the region, giving you information about why things are done and how they have been done for centuries. We love answering your questions and debunking myths that you have been told about the area. We also like giving a voice to the local people who have kept up with the traditions over the years and have managed to keep them alive and well.

Packing For A Moroccan HolidayWe also seek to give you a rough guide to the country, giving you enough information to get around and identify areas that you might be interested in seeing. We seek to find areas that are a bit out of the way or hidden in plain sight. While we will also cover some of the most popular areas in the country, we want you to see the real Morocco and see what the country is like when you are living here rather than visiting.

We will be combining our own experiences with those of people around us and people who have travelled using our advice to bring you the most interesting cultural and traditional practices of our country and hoped to create an experience that makes you want to visit us and makes you feel like you are part of our family. So come along with us on a journey like no other.